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Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training

Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training

Learn and Master a "Practical Process to Parenting" and

Raise Cooperative, Confident, Creative Children

Parenting can be confusing and frustrating, that's why we teach you a practical process to "LoveandTeach" your children so they will feel happy, loved, loving and responsible.

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Do You Have a Child Who Is:

Teen girl with phone addiction ignoring her mother.

Addicted to Their Phone

Teen girl suffering from anxiety and stress.

Anxious and Stressed 

Young teen addicted to video games.

Addicted to Video Games

Angry child

Angry and Impossible

Teen girl drinking a bottle of alcohol, sitting on the floor.

Drinking Too Much

Brothers fighting.

Fighting with Siblings

2 children making a drug exchange.

Using or Addicted to Drugs

Child failing in school.

Failing School

Teen lacks confidence, covers his face with his hand.

Lacks Confidence

Teen girl anxiously reaching for her phone.

Can't Live Without Phone

Irresponsible child shrugging his shoulders.


Boy with pill on his tongue.

Treat ADHD without Meds

Teenager holding a noose, about to hand herself.


LIttle girl whimpering.


Teenage boy watching porn on his phone at night.

Addicted to or Using Porn

Depressed Child sitting sadly on a bench, head bowed.

Shy & Can't Make Friends Easily

Very skinny young woman with her wrists tied together with a measuring tape, suffering from an eating disorder.

Suffering from an Eating Disorder

Young boy addicted to electronic devices.

Addicted to Electronic Devices

Depressed girl sitting on the ground outside.


children arguing over a tablet.

Arguing with Siblings

Boy you lacks self-esteem leaning against the window frame, head down.

Lacks Self-Esteem

Alcoholic teen in a bar drinking.


Teen holding drugs, vodka and a lit cigarette, showing a drug addict.

Drug Addict

Boy addicted to gaming, refuses to read a book.

Addicted to gaming

Despite our best intentions, most of us are woefully unprepared to become parents. You want to be a parent who finds parenting deeply rewarding instead of tedious and frustrating.

But maybe you...

  • have no clue why your children are so often angry, rebellious and impossible.
  • feel isolated. You wish you had people to talk to who KNOW how to parent successfully.
  • need help teaching your children, even adult children, to be loving, responsible, and happy.

No matter where you are in your parenting journey, you want your children to be happy, loving and responsible.

We can help you realize those worthy desires.

We Can Help!

Begin Transforming Your Life as a Ridiculously Effective Parent

What Parents and Therapists Are Saying...

Portrait of Dr. Liz Hale

This is information that every parent needs...

I have been a psychologist for 20 years, and in that time I have watched parenting become a rapidly increasing challenge for parents. Especially with the explosion of the Internet and electronic devices, children are bombarded all day with messages that their parents are not aware of. But parents still have to raise children to be happy and responsible in a world that is powerfully distracting them from that path.

What can we do? I can’t recommend highly enough the Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training by Greg Baer. You’ll begin with 45 hours of video training, followed by the most extensive follow-up I’ve ever seen. Your children are worth it. They need you to be on top of loving them and teaching them the essentials of a happy life. This is information that every parent needs—right now.

Liz Hale, PhD.  //  Wenatchee, WA

What is the Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training?

The Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training is a 45 hour streamed video training AND support program. Greg Baer, M.D. will LoveandTeach you WHILE you learn to LoveandTeach your children. The result is happiness, confidence and cooperation in your family. Unconditional love, along with the principles that foster responsibility, ELIMINATE bad behaviors.

Greg coaching a couple via skype.

The first two hours are free, our gift to you. Watch them and feel confident about the training before you purchase it.

With your purchase, you IMMEDIATELY qualify for membership in RealLoveParents.com, where all the invaluable follow-up and support happens:

Member Resources

Access to Greg

In addition to the care and attention you'll be getting from Greg in the resources listed below, Greg is as accommodating as his schedule will allow to help you personally as you go through the Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training. He may choose to speak to you directly, or answer your question on one of the listed resources, but you WILL get a response.

Image of electronic devices

Weekly Conference Call

There will be a weekly conference call with Greg Baer, where YOU—every member of the Parenting Site, every Ridiculously Effective Parent—can directly ask questions of Greg and learn how to apply Real Love principles to individual situations or children. Listen live, or listen to any of the recorded calls at your convenience.

Video Answers

Every week you will receive a video of Greg answering a question sent to him by one or more members.

REPT on various electronic devices

Written Answers

Every week, you will receive a newsletter, with a written answer from Greg to a question, along with updates about what’s happening and what’s being offered to support parents.

Index and Archives

All conference calls, written answers, and video answers will be INDEXED and archived, and searchable in a master index, much like is found on RealLove.com. Effectively all this material becomes an ever-increasing expansion of the library of parenting training that began with the original 45 hours of the Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training.

Happy young couple skyping with support group.

Support Groups

Parents will be taught how to form their own support groups, on Skype, Facebook, and other platforms.

People listening at a seminar.

Live Seminars

You become eligible to attend live seminars, which are the natural highlight of all the Parenting training. It’s where the rubber really hits the road. Members will gather from around the world to ask all their questions, along with their “buts”: “But my child . . .” or “But then what if she . . .” You can ask questions until you really get the full picture of handling any situation.

In addition to the care and personal attention from Greg, you will gain a sense of community with other parents who are revolutionizing their way of loving their children.

Why Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training?

  • NO MORE arguing with your kids. It's like heaven on earth.
  • NO MORE arguing between children. Impossible? Nope!
  • NO MORE  tantrums, begging, whining, and complaining. What a relief!!
  • NO MORE  drama at bedtime. What would THAT be like?!
  • NO MORE  addiction to electronics, phones or drugs. Bring them back to life.
  • NO MORE  self harming. Free them from self-medicating their pain.
  • NO MORE  arguing between you and your partner over how to handle the kids.

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Begin Transforming Your Life as a Ridiculously Effective Parent.

What You'll Get When You Purchase Today

  • 45 hours of streamed video training 
  • Weekly Conference Call with Greg
  • Weekly Video Answer and Written Answer
  • Private Facebook Support Group