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Hi, I'm Greg Baer, M.D.

My job is to help you replace pain and confusion in your life with peace and confidence, and teach you how to help your children to feel loved, and be loving, responsible and happy, using Real Love® principles. The result? Everyone is happy.

I got here the hard way...

It is my mission in life—along with my joy and privilege—to help you make practical decisions that will lead to you feeling more loved and being more loving and responsible. In the process, you will become more effective, powerful, and happy as an individual, spouse, partner, parent, friend, employee, employer, and more.

Real Love® is probably not what you think

What IS Real Love? It's not weak, and it's not fleeting, and it never makes you feel small or manipulated. Nearly every day, most people ask some form of this question, and it tends to fry their brains. Why? Because it's the wrong question.

The REAL question is, "What is Unconditional Love?" That is so different from what most people have ever known that we're going to call it Real Love®. THAT is the kind of "love" we all NEED. 

With Real Love there is no disappointment, impatience, irritation, or anger. Wow, now that is different—so different that most people have never truly felt it.

No Quick-and-Easy Shortcuts

Who doesn’t love a quick fix? But I cannot offer you ten quick and easy steps to overcome a life-time of pain and confusion. They don’t exist. But never again do you have to wander around in head-scratching frustration because you'll be following easy-to-understand principles that work.

If you’re committed to learning how to be a Ridiculously Effective Parent, then I’M committed to helping you. I’ve dedicated my LIFE to helping parents, YOU.

Together we’ll change YOUR world. Together we’ll change THE world.

You’re not alone.  

We’ll do this together.

What's in it for you?

You’ll finally learn real reasons your children are so often angry, rebellious and impossible to reach. That’s a huge step toward finding a solution for you and your children. 

You won’t feel isolated. Your days of feeling alone are over. You’ll have access to me and others who are able to help you while you implement these proven, satisfying, successful principles that result in loving, confidence and responsibility—happiness!—for you and your children.

 You won’t be fooled anymore by the traditional parenting paths that never, ever work. Instead, you will learn a very practical and easier way to navigate your daily parenting life fearlessly.

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Mother and teen daughter happy together.

Blogs: We All Need Gravity

We all need emotional gravity, the peace and stability that comes from living the Laws of Happiness. And we must teach emotional gravity to our children. Even when it’s difficult, we must not shirk our responsibility to be loving teachers. They won't always be grateful, but if we don’t, we condemn our children to so much unnecessary pain.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live

As a public service, during the Coronavirus Quarantine, I hosted a daily parenting helpline LIVE on Facebook from Monday through Friday. I wanted to help parents as they navigated this adventure with everyone home together.

That series of broadcasts have been saved and indexed for your convenience.

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Parenting Problems Solved

Are you looking for answers to a specific question or problem with your child? Scroll through this list and find the concern that keeps you awake at night. Watch a short video that will give you insights and answers.

Prefer to read? The text is there for you also.

My Journey
Greg Baer, M.D.

Seeking Happiness through Success

Like most of us, I was told as a child that if I did all the right things—set my goals high, worked hard, and followed the rules along the way—I would accomplish great things. And it was further implied that, as a result, I would grow up to be happy. All our lives, we’ve heard people declare that they’d be happy if only they had more money, or a better job, or more sex, or a bigger house, or more opportunity to travel, or something else. I was determined to ensure my future happiness by having an abundance of all those things and more, and from an early age I worked hard to earn them.

I was valedictorian of my high school class, finished college in two and a half years, and received the highest honors in medical school. After completing my internship and specialty training in eye surgery, I eventually established one of the most successful ophthalmology practices in the country. I performed thousands of operations and taught other physicians locally and across the country. I was a leader in my church and in the local Boy Scout organization. I had everything money could buy, and I was a husband and the father of five beautiful children.

Something was Missing

By the time I reached my late thirties, I’d accomplished almost every goal I’d ever set for myself, but despite all my successes, I slowly came to the terrible realization that I had not achieved the happiness I’d been promised. When I was standing in front of a group of physicians, teaching the latest surgical techniques, and everyone was admiring me for my knowledge, I felt relatively satisfied with my life for the moment. And some of those expensive vacations were exciting while I was actually in those far-off, exotic places. But when I was all alone, with nothing to distract me, I knew something was missing—I just didn’t know what it was. I couldn’t have worked any harder. I’d done everything I’d been assured would bring me the happiness I wanted, but still something was wanting.

I found it difficult to sleep at night and began to take some of the sleeping pills we kept at the office for post-surgical patients. When those were no longer effective, I took other tranquilizers, and before long I was injecting narcotics every night. I rationalized my drug addiction for a long time, but it increasingly affected my behavior and my emotional health. Then, one evening, as I sat in the woods behind my house with a loaded Smith and Wesson 10mm semi-automatic pressed to my head, I finally realized that I couldn’t rationalize my behavior any longer. I knew I needed to do something about my life.

Drug Rehab and Searching for Happiness

I went to an in-patient drug treatment facility, and after my discharge I participated in several twelve-step programs for a while. Getting off the drugs saved my life, but it only put me back where I’d been when I started using them. I was still desperately missing something, but this time I was determined to find out what it was. I tried individual and group therapy, support groups, men’s groups, New Age techniques, and Native American spiritual groups, among others. Each had wisdom to offer, but the old emptiness I felt was not being filled.

In my searching, I found many others whose feelings were similar to mine. Most of them hadn’t been addicted to drugs, but they all were missing the profound happiness they’d always hoped for in their lives. We began to meet together in our homes, where we tried a variety of techniques I’d experienced or read about. Gradually, we eliminated the things that didn’t work, and we discovered some principles that were astonishingly simple and effective. People who had been unhappy for a long time, in many cases despite years of therapy, were finding the first genuine happiness they’d ever known.

Finding Happiness

As we began to figure out what worked, I started writing down what we’d learned, handing out a few pages at a time to the men and women who participated in those early “experiments.” Eventually, my observations became two self-published books that have now been read by hundreds of thousands. I’ve shared these principles with people all over the country, and as they’ve applied them, their lives have changed in remarkable ways.

When I was trying to fill my emptiness, and later, as I was learning to change my life, I made many mistakes as a person, a husband, and a father. Among other things, those mistakes caused the end of my twenty-two year marriage. Learning—as I discovered—can be very expensive. Now I’m deeply gratified to see the results of what I’ve learned, and to share it all with you. My second wife and I are the parents of seven children between us, and we’re happier than we’d ever imagined it was possible to be.

Sharing Happiness

I have written and produced more than twenty books, CDs, and DVDs on the subjects of unconditional love (Real Love®), relationships, dating, marriage, parenting, conflict resolution and rehabilitation, which have been translated into many languages and sold to millions worldwide. I am considered an international expert on these subjects.

I counsel individuals, couples, families, and corporations from all over the world.

I train psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage therapists, and coaches worldwide who have discovered that traditional therapy is grossly ineffective. I teach them how they can make a real and lasting difference in the individual happiness of their clients and in the ability of their clients to participate in fulfilling relationships.

I founded a Non-Profit organization, The Real Love Company, dedicated to teaching the real meaning of love, replacing anger and confusion with peace and confidence in individual lives and relationships.

RealLoveParents.com uses these teachings to give parents the "instruction book" they didn't get—but need—to learn how to raise happy and responsible children.

I am dedicated to helping create a generation of emotionally stable adults by teaching parents NOW how to raise happy and responsible children. Effective parents experience more joy and have naturally eliminated a need to respond to stress. Happy and responsible children grow to be effective leaders in their own families and in society.

My goal is to give parents all over the world a real solution to a woefully desperate, growing global problem. Parenting difficulties are unnecessary, but instead the difficulties are flourishing and reaching a critical condition. I can help.

What Our Customers Say...

Portrait of Dr. Liz Hale

Liz Hale, PhD

Wenatchee, WA

I have been a psychologist for 20 years, and in that time I have watched parenting become a rapidly increasing challenge for parents. Especially with the explosion of the Internet and electronic devices, children are bombarded all day with messages that their parents are not aware of. But parents still have to raise children to be happy and responsible in a world that is powerfully distracting them from that path.

What can we do? I can’t recommend highly enough the Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training by Greg Baer. You'll get the most extensive help I’ve ever seen as soon as you start the 45 hours of video training. Your children are worth it. They need you to be on top of loving them and teaching them the essentials of a happy life. This is information that every parent needs—right now.

Brent Greenhalgh portrait

Brent Greenhalgh

Dallas, TX

From the moment I began the Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training, my parenting began to improve! I didn't realize that my frustration was more due to MY confusion, than it was about my kids' disturbing behaviors, but it was. With Greg's help — both in the "course" and in the "support resources" — my confusion evaporated and I quickly became a confident and loving Dad. I'm finally becoming the dad I envisioned before we had children. Now my wife and I are having deep and meaningful conversations with our children about their anger, frustrations, entitlement, responsibilities, arguing with each other and us, school, future careers, and more. We can hardly believe how effective we're becoming. All our kids are becoming more responsible, cooperative, and calm. The old frustrations and tension are melting away.

Elizabeth Messinger

Elizabeth Messinger

Bedford, NY

My son, Michael, is now 19, sensitive, loving, upbeat, full of initiative, and strongly guided by an inner integrity. But several years ago, he was just another typically troubled and angry teenager. Divorced and desperately searching for tools to help him, I tripped over the Real Love Parenting website and was stunned to discover how ill-equipped I was to be a parent. I didn’t even know what genuine love was, so I couldn’t have given it to Michael. Greg SHOWED me what parenting with love really is, and I could FEEL it and pass it on to my son. Changing old habits is hard work, but the alternative is continuing with the pain of a child who doesn’t feel loved.

I encourage every parent to buckle in and prepare for an exciting and sometimes bumpy ride! You won’t be doing this alone, and you will find the bedrock you’ll need to stay calm in the stormiest circumstances. Welcome to the unparalleled peace, strength and joy of Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training.

Our Commitment to You

Our mission is to help you become a powerful and effective parent, and to help your child feel loved, and to be loving, responsible, and genuinely happy.

It’s a transformation.


Despite our best intentions, most of us are woefully unprepared to become parents. You want to be a parent who finds parenting deeply rewarding instead of tedious and frustrating.

But maybe you...

  • have no clue why your children are so often angry, rebellious and impossible.
  • feel isolated. You wish you had people to talk to who KNOW how to parent successfully.
  • need help teaching your children, even adult children, to be loving, responsible, and happy.

No matter where you are in your parenting journey, you want your children to be happy, loving and responsible. We can help you realize those worthy desires.

Learn more here.

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