Our Commitment to You

Our mission is to help you become a powerful and effective parent, and to help your child feel loved, and to be loving, responsible, and genuinely happy.

It’s a transformation.


Despite our best intentions, most of us are woefully unprepared to become parents. You want to be a parent who finds parenting deeply rewarding instead of tedious and frustrating.

But maybe you...

  • have no clue why your children are so often angry, rebellious and impossible.
  • feel isolated. You wish you had people to talk to who KNOW how to parent successfully.
  • need help teaching your children, even adult children, to be loving, responsible, and happy.

No matter where you are in your parenting journey, you want your children to be happy, loving and responsible. We can help you realize those worthy desires.

What Our Customers Say...

Portrait of Dr. Liz Hale

Liz Hale, PhD

Wenatchee, WA

I have been a psychologist for 20 years, and in that time I have watched parenting become a rapidly increasing challenge for parents. Especially with the explosion of the Internet and electronic devices, children are bombarded all day with messages that their parents are not aware of. But parents still have to raise children to be happy and responsible in a world that is powerfully distracting them from that path.

What can we do? I can’t recommend highly enough the Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training by Greg Baer. You’ll begin with 45 hours of video training, followed by the most extensive follow-up I’ve ever seen. Your children are worth it. They need you to be on top of loving them and teaching them the essentials of a happy life. This is information that every parent needs—right now.

Portrait of Sari Terrusa

Sari Terrusa, LMHC

Jupiter, FL

For more than 30 years I have worked with children, families and couples as a psychotherapist and co-founder of the Transformational Studies Institute in Jupiter, Florida. I have found Dr. Greg Baer’s “Real Love in Parenting” principles to be a powerful resource for transforming family dynamics. I have seen how teaching parents to love their children unconditionally, and properly use praise, natural consequences and family meetings creates deeper family bonds and a safe, nurturing family environment. I strongly recommend Dr. Baer’s Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training to help children and families thrive!

Elizabeth Messinger

Elizabeth Messinger, PhD/ABD

Bedford, NY

When my son, Michael, was 14, he was just another typically troubled and angry teenager. I was desperately lost, but then I found Ridiculously Effective Parenting, and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. Oh, it was hard work. I first had to face the truth that I didn’t really know what unconditional love was, and that I didn’t know how to parent. But I learned, and now Michael is 19, sensitive, loving, upbeat, and full of initiative.

I encourage every parent to buckle in and prepare for an exciting ride! Finally you’ll have the guidance you need to love and teach your child. Welcome to the unparalleled peace, strength and joy of Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training.

My Journey
Greg Baer, M.D.

About 30 years ago, I realized I had accomplished almost every goal I'd ever set for myself, but despite all my successes, I slowly came to the terrible realization that I had not achieved the happiness I'd been promised. Even though I experienced financial and professional successes, exotic vacations with my family, when I was alone, I knew something was missing–I just didn't know what it was.

In my searching, I found others whose feelings were similar to mine. As we began to figure out what worked, I started writing down what we'd learned. Eventually, my observations became an educational resource with a variety of written, recorded and live services targeting individuals, couples, parents and more.

I founded a Non-Profit organization, The Real Love Company, dedicated to teaching the real meaning of love, replacing anger and confusion with peace and confidence in individual lives and relationships.

We at the Real Love Company believe that with Real Love, nothing else matters; without it, nothing else is enough. As you understand and FEEL unconditional love—Real Love—your fear, anger, and confusion will naturally melt away, and you will unavoidably experience peace, joy, and confidence instead.

RealLoveParents.com uses these teachings to give parents the "instruction book" they didn't get–but need–to learn how to raise happy and responsible children.

We are dedicated to helping create a generation of emotionally stable adults by teaching parents NOW how to raise happy and responsible children. Effective parents experience more joy and have naturally eliminated a need to respond to stress. Happy and responsible children grow to be effective leaders in their own families and in society.

Our goal is to give parents all over the world a real solution to a woefully desperate, growing global problem. Parenting difficulties are unnecessary, but instead they're flourishing and reaching a critical condition. We can help.

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Meet Greg

Greg Baer M.D. has written and produced more than twenty books, CDs, and DVDs on the subjects of unconditional love (Real Love), relationships, dating, marriage, parenting, conflict resolution and rehabilitation, which have been translated into many languages and sold to millions worldwide. He is considered an international expert on these subjects.

He counsels individuals, couples, families, and corporations from all over the world.

He trains psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage therapists, and coaches worldwide who have discovered that traditional therapy is grossly ineffective. He teaches them how they can make a real and lasting difference in the individual happiness of their clients and in the ability of their clients to participate in fulfilling relationships.

He is the Founder of the Real Love Company, a 501(C)(3)  non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of healthy relationships and conflict resolution.

He is the Director of the Real Love Corrections Program, an organization that has worked with prisoners all over the United States.

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