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Asian boy crying while mother scolding on white background

Are You An Angry Parent?

Do You Get Angry and Frustrated with your Children?Learn How You Can Stop ItI’m going to teach youThe REAL reason you become angry at your children (and it’s not what you think).Why you just can’t seem to control your anger, no matter what you do.What you can do to ELIMINATE—not just manage—your anger. Really.How you […]

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ADHD no medicine necessary.

The Symptoms and Solutions for ADHD

Do You Have a Child Who Might Have ADHD?Learn the Real Signs and Get the Real Solutions Right NowAre you tired of hearing the confusion about what ADHD is? Are you weary of the claims from drug companies, doctors, and other parents that medication is the answer?Then you’re in the right place. Finally, finally, you can […]

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Brother and sister fighting and then loving each other.

Stop Your Children Arguing and Fighting

Hate it When Your Children Argue and Fight?Learn How to Stop It – Right NowAre you not crazy tired of all that screeching noise as kids argue, fight, and compete over the most ridiculous things? Are you tired of hearing demands and accusations like these:”Stop it.””I wanted to sit there.””That’s mine.””You ate all the cookies.””Stop […]

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Before and after image of a girl whining and then happy.

How to Stop the Whining

Do You Have a Child Who Whines or Cries? You CAN Learn How to Stop It—ImmediatelyAre you not crazy tired of hearing that awful noise that pierces the walls and drills into your skull? Learn what you can do to stop it—right now—for children of nearly all ages.First, why do they whine? That’s easy.Their communication skills are […]

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Teen boy being disrespectful to his mother.

Parenting in the Age of Children’s Disrespect

Children are surrounded by a culture that encourages and fuels disrespect of their parents. What can you do about it?Are You Seeing the Disrespect in Children Everywhere?I have been closely observing children for more than 60 years, and in that time I have seen an exponential growth in the disrespect children express to and about […]

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Problem Solving “101”

Regularly scheduled Family Meetings provide a perfect opportunity for loving and teaching your children. Summary 1. Using toys to teach and reinforce problem solving skills works well with young children. 2. Parents can use the time in a Family Meeting to love and teach a child effective problem solving. 3. Family Meetings give each child […]

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You CAN Be a Successful Parent

Parenting is hard but you can be successful. Watch this short video clip and learn how to become a spectacular parent. Summary 1. Children love being with a loving parent. 2. Confidence comes from being involved and succeeding in doing increasingly difficult things. 3. You can become a spectacular parent when you find unconditional love, […]

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Angry black girl talking to parent.

Teenagers Who Fight Consequences

Does your teenager throw “it isn’t fair!” at you in anger? Watch this Video Clip and learn how to understand and respond to their anger. Summary 1. You are the Parent, the Leader. You aren’t their equal. 2. Teens argue to intimidate you. 3. “Fair” to a teen only means getting what THEY want. What […]

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A mature woman wiping tears from her face.

The Wounds of Love

As parents, you often console yourselves that you’re doing an acceptable job with your children. You can point to an absence of behaviors that inflict obvious emotional and physical injury. You don’t yell at them or hit them, for example. But you must recognize that you can hurt your children just as easily, and just […]

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Fault and Responsibility vs. Blame

When you or someone you love has been hurt by another, blaming is often the first reaction. But it is not helpful or accurate. Summary 1. Blaming is an attitude that fosters victimhood, anger and more. Fault is a fact. 2. People are twisted by fear and pain. 3. Solution: fix the fear and pain […]

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