As you become involved in this program, you will have LOTS of questions. You'll get a great deal of support, and for many parents the mixture of the Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training, along with the Member Resources, will be a perfect combination.

Some parents are overwhelmed at how far off course they’ve gotten with their children and they benefit from hiring a personal Real Love Parenting Coach. Conference calls and other support resources will help, but getting answers to individual situations as they occur can accelerate your parenting skills and give you an unspeakable advantage.

Stressed mother on the phone with her coach.

Real Love Parenting Coaches charge $600 for 6 hours of coaching.

One major difference with Real Love Parenting Coaching compared with other Life Coaching is the flexibility in how that 6 hours is used.

  • You'll be able to use your coaching time as you NEED it, instead of on a schedule set by somebody else. 
  • Sometimes you'll get what you need in a 30 minute Skype call.
  • Other times it will be a 10 or 15 minute phone call that helps.
  • Other times exchanging a few text messages is enough.
  • These contacts will happen as you need them, which could be daily, every other day, weekly, or whenever questions or situations arise.
  • You and your coach will continually work out your schedule.

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