Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training

Parenting Training Free Lesson

Lesson 1 Chapter 1

  • Do you want to be a real parent or control a behavior?
  • Parenting is lovingandteaching, which I will be modeling for you. I will stay with you while you learn how to be an effective parent. You won't be doing this alone.
  • How to implement “no whining” and how that relates to all behaviors.
  • The key to parenting is YOU being loving, and YOU being consistent. Real Love defined.
  • All unproductive behaviors come from the “I don’t love you” wound.
  • Whining is related to all the other behaviors.
  • Children continue behaviors only if they are rewarded for them.
  • How you can feel loved, be loving, responsible = happiness
  • Janette M says:

    Thank you. I feel like my life has changed already. I can’t wait to watch the next chapters and meet with you on the conference calls!

  • Brad A says:

    It’s all stems back to whining/complaining and all its different forms?!
    Wow! I have a lot of work to do. I have been noticing at sons basketball games how they whine all the time! I guess I’ll be learning with the kids. I complain all the time. I feel a revolution coming on.

  • Linda P says:

    I’m desperate for help. I hope this can help us. We are at our wits end.

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