Happy mother and daughter looking at each other with love.

License to Love

Parenting is the Most Important Job in the World

I believe parenting is the most important job in the world, and yet almost none of us went to parenting school. No such schools existed.

Melinda was recently given a certificate as a Certified Real Love Coach, and she put it up on her living room wall. Her daughter, Sarah, was impressed. She asked Melinda what she had done to earn the certification, and then she was all the more impressed. Now Sarah listens even more intently to Melinda and accepts her guidance more readily.

Ironically, for at least two years Sarah had already been responding beautifully to her mother's love. Where once she had been moody and depressed, also demonstrating a number of physical symptoms of stress, she is now quite a happy and cooperative child. But she regarded her mother's certification as a kind of license to love her more effectively. As Melinda says, "She really lets me love her a lot more now."

In some ways it's regrettable that there is no requirement to be trained or licensed to become a parent. With Real Love, however, you can become a great parent. The principles work consistently if parents are persistent in their loving and teaching.



Parenting is the most important job in the world but none of us were trained.


You can become a great parent.


Children respond positively to parents who are persistent and consistent in their loving and teaching.

What You Can Do Now

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