Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training

Teaching ridiculously effective parenting–replacing pain with peace, confidence, and meaning.

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First Lesson: How to STOP All Whining and Heal All Wounds

Learn how to be a real parent and not just someone who tries in vain to control a child's behavior.

Find Your Child

Your parenting problems solved. Check the list below to find your child.

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The Essentials of Real Love Video Seminar

This is the centerpiece of your Real Love education. In six hours of video, you'll see and feel the power of Real Love as Greg presents the essential principles of Real Love to a live audience. This engaging and humorous presentation has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Add The Essentials of Real Love Workbook" or" Bible Workbook to help you apply the Real Love principles in your daily life. Learn: - The secret of finding and giving Real Love. - How to speak the language of "Telling the Truth." - How to eliminate anger and fear from your life. - How to discover the joy you've always wanted. - New principles about how to better love others. - To answer the question, "How can I help?"

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